PPC management

PPC management

Regardless of whether you want to use Google Ads (Formally AdWords), Facebook advertising, Double click or one of the other many advertising networks providing PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) we can help you get the results your business deserves from its online advertising activities.

From search advertising through to display advertising we can achieve the best results from your PPC advertising campaigns. Using a finely tuned strategy that is customised for your audience and your specific business goals, our PPC management services are designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

Successful PPC campaigns don’t begin and end in the advertising platform. Copy, artwork and the website your ads link to all pay an incredible part in the success of your campaigns. All of which need to be centralised around a well-defined audience to prevent time and money being wasted.

Why use a PPC management agency?

While it is true that you can start using Google Ads and Facebook advertising yourself, nothing can beat experience and knowledge of each platform and its features. At Bloom Cube we first get ourselves into a position in which we know your business and audience as much as you do. We then use these insights to build your ads, targeting and artwork using every relevant feature of the platform. We can then incorporate other strategies like remarketing to keep your customers in the loop.

Choosing to work with a PPC management specialist agency rather than attempting to do things yourself can actually work out more time effective and reduce costs due to the far lower chance of missing opportunities and wasting budget.

If required we can also advise how to introduce other lead generation and sales techniques both online and offline that run alongside your PPC activities.

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