Animated ad design & Motion Banner Ads

Animated ad design & Motion Banner Ads

We have all seen banner ads on our favourite websites. Whether it is company showing you their products and services they feel you may be interested in due to the current website you are on or a brand using remarketing to seemingly follow you around the web after you visited their sites. Banner ads are great if you want to keep your brand, product or services at the front of your audience’s mind.

Motion Banner Ad Benefits

Motion banner ads (Animated Banner Ads) have a huge advantage over static banner ads. As humans we are automatically drawn to motion. On a page full of text and static images a motion banner can scream out for our attention giving your ad a huge advantage over the rest.

Animated banners also allow you to add more information within your banner ads footprint. As information can come in and out of view of the display ad extra text and imagery can be used to share your message. Caution is needed here however as too much information can make your messages confusing and your ads messy.

Where Can Animated Banner Ads Be Displayed?

Motion banner ads can be used across many websites via ad networks such as Google’s GDN, Double Click, Sizmik and many others. This means, with correct targeting, you can reach a large audience that can engage and learn about your brand, products and services.

Rich Media Ads

You may also have seen banner ads that contain sound, videos or motion graphics whilst browsing the websites. Some may even be interactive, increasing in size or providing feedback when you over your mouse over them. These are called rich media ads.

These types of ads are great for many businesses but may not be very everyone. More information about rich media ads can be found in our dedicated article.

Animated / Motion Banner Ad Design Agency

At Bloom Cube we specialise in creating motion banners, motion graphics and animated advertising. This is how we can make your Google advertising, and advertising on other platforms, outperform display ads from your competition.

If you would like to discuss Animated Motion Banner Ads or would like to chat about our other digital marketing and advertising services contact us now via the form below or get in touch via telephone where one of our Animated Motion Banner Ads experts will be happy to help.

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