Remarketing with Facebook & Google

Remarketing with Facebook & Google

Have you ever visited a website, viewed a product or clicked on an ad you were interested in only to have been followed around the internet by the same brand? Well this is remarketing.

A great way of re-engaging customers that visited your website and performed, or didn’t perform, an action that you would liked them to have done. Therefore, if you would like to stay in a visitor’s mind, persuade them to complete a purchase or fill in a lead generation form, then remarketing may be for you.

Can we remarket on Facebook & Google?

The great thing is, remarketing ads can be shown across thousands of websites, YouTube and even Facebook. It does require some initial setup to get started but once things are in place we can keep your brand in the mind of potential customers in the critical, decision making stage.

As with all advertising, remarketing can be done the right way or the wrong way. It has the ability to persuade visitors to take action,  get you little more than impressions or simply cost you a fortune.

At Bloom Cube we can use remarketing to achieve a wide range of goals for your business. Using multiple platforms we can get your message and brand in front of potential customers and keep you firmly in their mind. We can manage your campaigns,  create eye catching artwork and write engaging copy that will set your digital ads apart from the rest. Bringing customers back to your store to take the action you desire.

If you would like to discuss Remarketing or would like to chat about our other digital marketing and advertising services contact us now via the form below or get in touch via telephone where one of our Remarketing experts will be happy to help.

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