Interactive Horror Video Campaign

Interactive Horror Video Campaign

Interactive video is like no other content online. It allows you to display a product in ways like no other and can allow you to tell stories that the viewer has control over.

For this campaign we worked with Prestige Beds to create an interactive video that would be highly engaging and shareable so that the promotion costs would be much lower due to visitors sharing the work with their friends and family online.

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The overall campaign was designed in a way that would take social media users, who did not know of the Prestige Beds brand and turn them into leads for future marketing campaigns. This was achieved via a series of ads and organic social media posts that raised awareness of the Prestige Beds brand and the interactive horror video. From here visitors to the site played through the experience and were encouraged to share the campaign and enter their details into a competition.

Interactive Video Production

The interactive video was produced by a small team at Bloom Cube who worked on location at one of the Prestige Beds stores on a three-day deadline. As all of the filming took place in the day whilst the store was open, our planning and execution had to be fast and efficient with no effect on in-store customer experience.

Once filming and post production had been completed the interactive elements of the video had to be put in place within a two-day deadline to keep the campaign launch on schedule.

Due to careful planning all deadlines were met and the video was released on schedule with all accompanying ads and promotional media.


Overall Prestige Beds were very happy with the results of the interactive video campaign resulting in a great ROI. The interactive video was played over 1000 times by clients through the UK and newsletter signups were over 90% of this. On Facebook alone, the Prestige Beds brand was exposed to over 200,000 potential customers and a significant increase in contact being made to Prestige Beds via Facebook messenger.

Play The Game

If you would like to play the game for yourself. Follow this link here. Unfortunately, the competition is no longer running but you can still enjoy the experience.

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