Paid Advertising For Facebook, Adwords & Other Networks

At Bloom Cube we provide a full service for paid advertising. This includes strategy development, planning, scheduling, creative design (video, graphics and copywriting), full campaign management and ongoing campaign maintenance.

The key to a good campaign is the combination of a carefully developed plan and ongoing maintenance that makes sure creative assets, copy and placements are continually performing as they should.

By working closely with you, our bespoke service allows you to run campaigns that are congruent with your brand and share messages with the people, who are more likely to use your business, in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Ongoing management and our adaptive approach can then allow us to use data gathered through these campaigns to reach out to other audiences and/or remarket back to past customers, site visitors or those that viewed your content at each stage of the buying/selecting process.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are essential if you want a cost effective efficient advertising and marketing process.

If you already have a sales funnel in place, we can design campaigns that market and remarket to potential clients and previous customers at each stage.

If you are not currently using funnels we can help you develop one so that your sales and marketing efforts can be tracked and optimised for an increase in leads and sales.

Facebook & Instagram paid Advertising

The days of posting content on Facebook for it to be shown to thousands of followers for free are unfortunately over. Today, Facebook wants you to pay to show your content to your desired customers.

Although this may seem unfair, Facebook is actually better than ever at reaching customers that are interested in your products or services.

By working closely with your business we can set up Facebook paid campaigns that bring returns for your business and provide value to your customer. You can then reach the desired customer at each stage of the buying/selection process and adapt your message to suit. Showing them that you are the business they should be dealing with.

Google Adwords - Search, Display & Video

Although AdWords seems similar to Facebook advertising, it is actually a very different beast and campaigns should be set up differently. Great for placing yourself in front of customers who want your specific product or who are actively in the market. Google advertising offers a whole different range of possibilities and opportunities.

By using Adwords we can add extra layers to your campaign. Including search campaigns, display campaigns and video campaigns we can place your message in front of the right people whilst maintaining a presence throughout their buying process.

Advertising Everywhere Else

We can also manage campaigns across other networks, such as social media platforms like Pinterest and Reddit, other display ad networks or even create content for and manage advertising networks that provide native ad solutions.

For more information on our Paid advertising (PPC / CPM) services in Manchester, please contact us here where one of our team will be happy to help.