Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Video is the most consumed content on the internet and is one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy. Due to video being more engaging, memorable and more popular than other types of content, video can be one of the best investments you can make for branding and portraying a message.

Online Video Ad Types

Working closely with you and your brand we can develop a bespoke strategy for video use in your marketing. Whether it fits in with a bigger campaign or as a one off promotional/explainer video we can produce video content that is designed for:

  • Bumper ads for Youtube
  • Product promotion ads
  • Video advertisements for Facebook
  • A series to kick start your YouTube channel
  • Explainer videos
  • Instagram videos (including IGTV)
  • A series of video ads for a larger campaign
  • Interactive videos
  • TrueView Ads
  • Live Video Streams
  • 360° Video

Video Ads Promotion

Once the video advertisements for social media have been produced we can then help you develop and manage a strategy to promote your video both organically or through paid advertising to reach an audience that is perfect for your product.

Video & Your Sales Funnel

As video advertising has the ability to capture the attention of your customers more effectively than any other medium it can be used very effectively at different stages of your sales funnel. This includes:

  • Awareness - Place your message in front of the right people in a way that grabs their attention
  • Consideration - Show them why you are the business they should be dealing with
  • Conversion - Turn a potential client into a customer
  • Expansion - Gather and learn from your data then expand to new viable markets

Once your video has been viewed by a potential customer, you then have the option to build in a strategy that repeats/expands on your message to guide clients further down the funnel.

As mentioned above, video advertising is an essential element to the modern marketing mix. It is a tried and tested medium that uses sounds and visuals to educate, inspire and engage your potential clients.

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